Tesseract MINI

building Microsites & Apps

Pure PHP OOP 7.4+, using Composer, MVP architecture, installable Progressive Web App, with CLI support, Google OAuth 2.0 sign-in, asynchronous client code using Vanilla JS or jQuery (easy to modify), implemented access limiter and advanced caching, automatic assets versioning and branching, built-in generated REST API and CI testing.

Distributed under MIT license.

Main components:

CakePHP cache, libSodium Halite encryption, NE-ON config notation, Tracy debugger, Alto router, Monolog logger, Mustache templates.


MVP (Model View Presenter), where:

  • Model is a multi-dimensional array,
  • View is a set of mustache templates,
  • Presenter is a set of classes extending basic abstract presenter.

REST API calls examples:

Demo: https://mini.gscloud.cz

Repository: https://github.com/GSCloud/mini